Kimono Love

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When we were brainstorming for the March Shoplindsey x Beau & Arrow collection, I knew that I wanted to add a Kimono to the line. My Pinterest Board is full of different ways to style them and my online carts all over the internet have a Kimono in each one! I love how by just adding a fun printed kimono you can change the entire style of a look. You can dress it up with a monochromatic base, heels and statement jewelry or throw it on over distressed jeans, a white tee, and your favorite mules.  

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Fitness Goals with Athleta

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If you read my post where I shared my goals for 2018, you know that my one of my BIG goals for was starting (again) and sticking to BBG. Keeping to my ‘word’ of Fulfillment, Im happy to report that I am 7 weeks in and still at it! Every week me and one of my besties, Lauren, are working through our 12 week training and keeping each other accountable. Honestly, most days I don’t feel like working out (I’m not one of those people that love it), but I also know I have a friend waiting for my text once it has been completed. Accountability is huge for me to meet this goal… also huge (and this is so silly, but so true) workout clothes. Ugh, Im almost embarrassed to type that, but it’s such a big motivator for me! Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the Stylist in me. I get excited about new clothes and can’t wait to wear them. It truly gives my workout a boost!

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Style Event with Kate Spade

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to Style my favorite Springs looks at an event with Kate Spade Woodland Hills. Kate Spade is celebrating this year with a ‘Trip Across America’. Each month they release a new collection, with a new area in mind. The girls at the Woodland Hills store put together the cutest New Orleans Bayou Brunch, complete with a jazz band playing ‘When the Saints Come Marching In’ and King Cake! 

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How To Style: Tulle Skirt

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First, Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet friends! I hope that your day is filled to the brim with lots of love and happiness! AND I hope you have plans to celebrate! We, do not! What are your big plans for Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear! Im hoping we can sneak a little date night in this weekend, but Im guessing by now most of our favorite restaurants are full of reservations! I may need to sit down and figure that out today! Which brings me to my next question… who plans your date nights? I’m normally the planner. We always talk about what we want to do or where we want to go together, but when it comes to reservations and babysitters, its all me (which Im totally fine with because I am the “I have to know what is happening-do not keep surprises from me- type of planner!). Im just curious to know who plans your date nights? 

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I’m sitting down to write this post and I’m just completely overwhelmed. Last night we celebrated the launch of the SHOPLINDSEY x Beau&Arrow collection. Friends, Family, Blog readers and sweet Instagram friends; packed the Beau & Arrow store with so much anticipation and excitement for my new line. It was so surreal, so special and SO MUCH FUN!

Shoplindsey, Gingham Dress, Maxi Dress, Spring Style, Style blogger, Fashion blogger, Midi Dress

6 years ago I started a little Instagram account to sell pieces from my closet that I no longer wanted. In 2012, @shoplindsey was created.

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Statement Earrings and Statement Sleeves

Statement Earrings Statement Sleeves

When the girls from Red Dress Boutique reached out to me about doing a collaboration, I was thrilled! I remember watching them on TV when they were pitching their idea on Shark Tank. And I have been following their journey every since! I was so thankful they contact me! I was able to pick a few pieces to wear and style for you all and this dress was my top pick! How gorgeous is this color?! And those sleeves?! (I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t like!) I love it paired with my turquoise ‘Cece’ earrings from Stella & Dot. A perfect color combo. They were made for each other!

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How To Style: The Black Turtleneck

Welcome to the very first post of our new series, How To Style! As a Stylist, one of the biggest requests I receive from friends, family, and clients is; ‘How do I wear this?’.  It’s one of my favorite questions to answer, because it gives me a chance to really show my clients, not only how to style a piece, but also how to make pieces in their closet go further. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I love remixing my wardrobe. It helps curve my shopping habit, but it also allows me to be creative. My goal with this new series is to also help you make your closet work for you. I hope to give you tips and ideas that are both attainable and fun!

How To Style: The Black Turtleneck

If there is one piece that has been working overtime in my wardrobe this winter,

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Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her

Valentine's Day Guide Guide for Her


Believe it or not, Valentines Day is right around the corner! I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorite things that are on my Valentines Day list this year! Honestly, Brian and I have never been big gift givers. We’re terrible at keeping secrets from each other and usually end up either spilling the beans or buying our own gifts (Is it technically still a gift if you buy it for yourself?!).

This years list is a mix of practical everyday needs and luxury must haves. From my favorite moisturizer to delicate diamonds, this list has a little something for everyone!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her 

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Hello, 2018!

2018. The year of fulfillment.

Day Designers, Stella & Dot, Planner, 2018

Do you all make New Year’s Resolutions? Normally, my answer would be no. And I think that steams from years of making resolutions like “Eat healthy. Loose 10 pounds. Be a better Mom. Be Present. Grow my business. The end.” See why that hasn’t really worked in the past? I seriously pull random thoughts of of the sky that I would LOVE to do, but there is no ‘why’ behind them. Yes, I would love to eat well and be a better Mom, but with out action, it’s pointless to say. That’s why I’m not big on resolutions. For me, there is no follow through. No finish line. No fulfillment.

A fun thing happened to me in 2017. I think I may have hit my breaking point (that doesn’t sound fun, but stick with me!). For those of you don’t know me personally- I’m a wife, a mom of 2 (one in elementary and one in preschool 3 days a week), the caretaker of my family and I run two businesses from my home. At any given point, I felt like I was being pulled in 6 different directions. Some days I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even pinpoint the things that were weighing on me, I just felt like I was drowning. Everything felt like it was spinning out of control, I just needed everything to stop just so I could catch a breath and get on top of it all again. I doubt many of you noticed, because I’m pretty good at pretending like I have everything together (something I plan to work on in 2018).

In October on a whim I finally gave in to my kids weekly request to go to the library after school (taking a 5 year old boy to a place where quiet is the #1 rule, seemed like a mountain I didn’t want to climb). That day, we checked out books, we all survived, and we went back the next week. And then the next and the next. That’s when I started picking up books for myself; Lies Women Believe; And The Truth That Sets Them Free, Present Over Perfect, Make It Happen, Of Mess and Moxie, Grace not Perfection. And things started to change. Slowly, but I could feel it happening. Over the last few months I have been implementing small things and changing the way I do everyday tasks so that I can figure out how to feel like myself again. Funny how that trip to the library was exactly what I needed to find calm and simplicity in our life.

My saving grace during the last few months of 2017; fulfillment. I did it, I fulfilled what I said I would do. I read books that would encourage me right where I was. I prayed specifically for grace and patience (sometimes hourly). I put my words and plans into action. That is one HUGE thing that I have lacked over the past few years. I will be the first to admit that I’m really good at making goals for myself, but when it comes to seeing those things come to fruition, my follow through has been pretty weak. Which is why I’ve never been huge on making resolutions.

…until now. And that, one way or another, brings us to my resolutions and my word for 2018;

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