Holiday Gift Guide: For Moms

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  1. Color Block Sweater: I’m starting here for two reasons; 1. A great sweater is the easiest thing a Mama can throw on and feel completely pulled together and 2. This is the coziest! Like wearing  a blanket, so it totally fits into this theme!
  2. Yeti Coffee Mug: There is nothing worse than having to reheat your coffee over and over every morning. I love this new Yeti Coffee mug, because not only is will it keep your coffee warm, but it’s so cute and comes in tons of different colors! We have the Yeti Coffee Tumblers and I hate to use them, because they are just too big for my hand to comfortably hold them. I’m hoping this design would solve that problem.
  3. O-Venture Key Ring: There is nothing I swear by more these days than my O-Venture Key Ring! It makes everything just so much easier! This keyring comes in a ton of colors, designs and a great price point!
  4. Gucci Bloom: This is my go to fragrance right now and would be good for any Mama on your list! It’s feminine, but not too sweet. A great floral mix with a little hint of woodsy/richness. So good!
  5. GloPro Nightly Set: I’ve had the GloPro on my list for a while, but this set is such a great deal, I might have to splurge on it for myself! This set comes with everything you need to jumpstart your nighttime routine and of course, it comes with the  GloPro tool with FACE MicroTip™ Attachment Head.
  6. UGG Slippers: Because every Mama deserves the coziest slippers she can have!
  7. Oil Diffuser: Whether she is 100% on board with Essential oils or just likes the smell, she needs this diffuser! It will look pretty on any table top or decor!
  8. Wine Chillers: For the chilled Wine lover on your list! This little invention is so neat! Keep these in your freezer and then just drop them in your wine glass after you pour!
  9. Mama Necklace: This is just the sweetest necklace. I ordered one a few weeks ago and have worn it non-stop! It is the perfect essential piece and at under $35… it’s a must!
  10. Pajama Set: How cute is this Pajama Set?! It’s adorable!
  11. Sleep Mask: For the Mama who needs to sleep when the baby is sleeping, even if that means in the daytime. Or for the Mama who would just like to pretend to be asleep (We’ve all been there!)! 😉




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