20 Dates In 2020

20 dates in 2020, Date Your Spouse, Date ideas, H&M, Men's Style, Golden Goose

I didn’t make any New Years resolutions this year, but I have made a few goals. Some personal, some business related; but the biggest goal was one Brian and I made together. We committed to 20 dates in 2020. 20, time carved out, intentional dates. I shared about this on my Instagram feed a couple weeks ago and so many of you reached out about doing this along side us. I absolutely loved to hear that you all were also making this commitment in your marriage!

Brian and I have always been good at dating each other, but life gets crazy and lately we haven’t made dates a priority. We both honestly felt like we had been, but when we stopped to really look at it, we hadn’t had a real date night out in over a month. Thankfully our kids have always had an earlier bedtime, which gives us a couple hours in the evening to hang together, watch a movie, or sneak from our secret ice cream stash- reserved only for times when the kids are asleep (parenthood, am I right?! ha!) And while I think those times are important and beneficial to our marriage, theres just something about getting out of the house and dating your spouse.

20 dates in 2020, Date Your Spouse, Date ideas, H&M, Men's Style, Golden Goose

I’m so incredibly thankful for Brian. I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he allowed our paths to cross so many years ago. Our courtship was quick and we were engaged after only 6 months of dating. He was my first ‘real’ boyfriend and Im sure that quickness scared my parents to death! (looking back as a parent, I just can’t! ha!) We we’re married soon after and it has truly been the greatest gift. He is my best friend and loves me despite all my many flaws. I can’t get enough of his sweet face and covet our time together. We could spend hours (and we do!) planning and dreaming of our futures. Imaging what our kids will be like when they are grown… and what we will be like when they are grown. We know we are putting in the work now, planting the seeds, so that when they are grown and out of the house, we still have the same deep love for each other. So we’re not strangers so wrapped up in our kids lives that we don’t know who we are anymore. That’s the goal for this challenge. It’s more then 20 dates, it’s putting the legacy of our family first.  I look forward to the end of this year and being able to look on 2020 with a full heart knowing we put our marriage first. I really hope that you will come beside us and do this challenge too!

20 dates in 2020, Date Your Spouse, Date ideas, H&M, Men's Style, Golden Goose


Date your spouse, date night, date night style, marriage



  1. January 28, 2020 / 12:19 pm

    I love this idea so much! My fiance and I got engaged after 7 months of dating and are currently planning our wedding in 6! we like to move fast i guess! But i know that carving our time, even now, to set wedding to-dos aside and just go on a date has been so healthy and good for our relationship!

    • Lindsey Meek
      February 10, 2020 / 5:26 am

      That’s so great!

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