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Brian and I are headed to Chicago in a few weeks, so naturally I reached out on Instagram and ask you all for the best places to eat, shop and what we needed to see while we are there. I received so many great recommendations! The most common one (besides RPM Italian) was to wear comfortable shoes. Apparently Chicago is a walking city and I need to plan on being on my feet all day. My first thought, I probably need a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, because those will go with everything I pack.  It took me 1.5 seconds to pull out of that and turn my search to something more realistic. A cute Golden Goose Dupe. Since then, I’ve been searching retailers and pinning style inspiration like crazy.

Golden Goose Street Style, Dupe, Look For Less

{All photos taken from Pinterest}

I truly feel like a good white sneaker is a must in everyones closet. Dress them up or down, a good white sneaker will make any outfit look chic! I grabbed a pair from Gap while they were on sale over labor day, making them 95% cheaper than going with the actual Golden Goose style. (PRAISE!) I’ve linked those and a few other favorite Golden Goose dupes below! Golden Goose Street Style, Dupe, Look For Less, Golden Goose, Golden Goose Dupe

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