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I am so excited to share that Emerson Charles is officially open for business! I am a big ball of emotions today! Everything from excitement, to fear, to joy, to feeling inadequate, to sheer happiness. This is the day we have been working so hard for and it is so crazy to think all this hard work has lead us to this point. Launch day. (If you missed my first post about opening an Online Boutique, you can find it here.)

Summer Style, Jean shorts, Abercrombie shorts, Emerson Charles, Online Boutique

{The River Top}

This collection is beyond what I could have ever imagined! Over the past few months we have been working behind the scenes to bring you a Women’s Online Boutique full of on trend styles from unique vendors at a great price point. I think we delivered on all three!

Kimono, How to style a Kimono, Graphic tee, Emerson Charles, Online Boutique

{The Desert Tee & Cameron Kimono}

I’ve had such a unique experience over the past few years and have been able to form amazing, real connections with the readers of my blog. You have trusted my reviews, my opinions and most importantly, my style. These relationships are what gave me to confidence to launch Emerson Charles. I knew there was a space in the market that I could fill by offering my personal style and experience.

Feminine Blouse, Girly Style, Floral Top, Emerson Charles, Online Boutique

{The Ella Kate Top}

My biggest goal with this shop is to provide you with pieces that can play a part in your story. Whether you are shopping for a big event or just for the everyday, I hope that your memories are precious and sprinkled with a little bit of Emerson Charles.

Feminine Blouse, Girly Style, Ruffle, Peplum, Emerson Charles, Online Boutique

{The Harper Blouse}

Thank you for making one of my biggest dreams come true. I am forever grateful. xo, L


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