The Best Audio Books For Girls On The Go

The Best Audio Books for Girls On the Go


Good Morning! I’m just drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee and settling in with a good book… just kidding! I’m rushing around like crazy, trying to get my kids out the door for school! BUT I am reading (listening) to a great book and that got me thinking. I can’t be the only one running around all day from school drop offs to errands to doing chores around the house. Going all the time. Surely some of you out there are just like me, you have a stack of books (or a ever growing list in your notes app) that you want to read, you just can’t find the time.

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A few months ago, my husband told me about the Hoopla App. With a membership to our local library I can check out e-books or audio books for FREE. Up to 6 books a month! Since then, I have been listening to audio books like it’s my job! Most mornings I’m in the car for a full hour driving to two different schools and dropping of the kids. If I also have errands to run, I could be in the car for hours a day! That’s a lot of wasted time that I am now filling with audio books!

The Best Audio Books for Girls On the Go

Many of you have reached about about my favorite audio books, so today I decided to share! This is a Hodge-podge list of books, but hopefully there is something for everyone! I like to look for books that encourage me where I am. So you’ll see more books on parenting, finding joy in the everyday and ones that give you the grace to just be yourself (even if that ‘self’ is a giant mess!). You will also see books that I’m loving when it comes to my business. Lara Casey’s Make It Happen is a really great one when it comes to motivating and giving you great tools to implement in your business. We are also HUGE Dave Ramsey people. He often talks about one of the books on my list, The Millionaire Next Door. Brian recently read it and has been talking about it non-stop. I just started it this weekend and I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s a quick read (listen?), the audio book is less than 2 hours, but packed full of great ways to ‘live like no one else’. I’ve had Lysa TerKeurst’s Uninvited on my list for a while. I wasn’t sure if it would be relatable, but my goodness, I was wrong. Its one of those great books that meets you were you are. One of those that is super encouraging and feels like it was just written for you. Speaking of books that were written for me… my number one fave on the list; Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face. I devoured this book! I can’t recommend it the audio version enough! Rachel narrates, so it feels like she’s right there chatting with you. It’s the best way to enjoy her book!

I would LOVE to hear what you are reading! Comment below!

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