Mom Style Casual Chic

By now, y’all know my passion for styling and my love for getting dressed up! BUT it would be wrong to portray a me on this blog that is dressed and accessorized perfectly everyday! I’m a mom of two small kids and most days are anything but glamorous. I’m normally a mess of a human, leaving for school drop offs in leggings, Uggs and Brian’s oversized shirts. Our mornings are so hectic getting everyone ready, that I tend to be the last one throwing something on as we rush out the door.  I try to pull myself together while the kids are at school, but unless I’m going somewhere important, I normally keep it very casual. I figured if this is my normal, its probably pretty normal for some of you too! I thought it would be fun to put together some chic ways to make the most of your Monday-Friday grind.

How to nail that Everyday Casual Chic look: 

Important. Find a good pair of black leggings. Extra points if they are high-waisted and suck you in, in all the right places. You want a thick knit (while shopping I always grab a section of fabric and pull it as far as I can to make sure no light comes through), because see-through leggings are not a good thing!

Mom Style Casual Chic { Hat  |  Leggings  |  Nikes  |  Bag }

Invest in a good pair of sneakers. These are not necessarily the shoes you work out in (although they can be), but a casual statement piece. Find a pair that are neutral in color and are comfy for everyday wear.

Mom Style Casual Chic

{ Cardigan  |  Black Skinnies  |  Nikes  |  Jewelry }

Accessorize. Just layering your favorite delicates and throwing on a scarf can instantly elevate your style. I know I always feel naked when I leave the house without my jewelry on.  I think the big reason that I feel that way, is because even the simplest of jewelry makes me feel so put together.

Mom Style Casual Chic

{ Cardigan  |  Faux Leather Leggings  |  Blanket Scarf  |  Jewelry }

The Power of Three. This rule is so important when we are doing this casual chic mom style. This takes the leggings and tee to a more polished and put together level. A level where you can run into an old High School friend at the grocery store and not be completely embarrassed that you are grocery shopping in your pajamas. Think long cardigans, moto jackets, fur vest or parka. Drape a jacket over your shoulders, tie it around your waist, or simply wear it! Don’t forget the third layer!

Mom Style Casual Chic

{ Moto Jacket  |  Gray Tee |  Distressed Jeans  |  Sneakers }

Of course this works for everyone, not just Moms, but that’s the season in life that I’m in and that’s what I know! What are your go- to #momstyle pieces?

xo, Lindsey


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