One of my most favorite things about Personal Styling is that this is no longer a luxury set aside for celebrities and the wealthy. This is a service that I want to make available and affordable to anyone who is looking to spruce up their closet, wardrobe, or outfit for a special event! Below you will find the different Personal Styling packages I offer.

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S  T  Y  L  I  N  G   S  E  S  S  I  O  N

We’ve all stood in front of our closet and muttered the phrase “I have nothing to wear!”; where in reality our closet is full, we just need some direction! This is where that Styling Session comes in! Chances are you have plenty in your closet, you just need a fresh set of eyes. We’ll begin with a short consultation where we discuss your personal style and wardrobe needs.  From there we will begin working to perfect your wardrobe. I will help you put fabulous outfits together right from your current wardrobe! You will receive photos of completed looks for easy reference. {Starting at $195}

C  L  O  S  E  T    C  O  N  S  U  L  T  A T  I  O  N

This is our main Closet Overhaul! Perfect for anyone needing to freshen up their wardrobe! Together, we will pinpoint your goals and expectations. We will then separate your closet into items you will keep, sell, and donate.  Once your closet is paired down, we will begin the process of creating complete new outfits using the pieces you already own. We will discuss how to style different looks based on your lifestyle needs and discuss the new pieces to purchase that will blend perfectly with your current wardrobe. After my visit, you will receive a look book of the completed outfits for easy reference. I will also put together a personalized shopping list, including the items that were suggested, to complete your wardrobe.  {Starting at $325}

P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L    S  H  O  P  P  I  N  G

This is the perfect option for the client who doesn’t have time to shop, who may feel overwhelmed with shopping or someone who simply would like someone else to do it for them! We’ll meet to discuss your needs and budget, I will do the shopping and bring pieces back to you that you will love! If the items don’t work I will return/exchange free of charge. {Starting at $95}

E  V  E  N  T    S  T  Y  L  I  N  G

Special events are meant to be fun and stress free! The last thing anyone should do is stress about what to wear! This is where Event Styling becomes a necessity! Whether its a wedding, baby shower, class reunion or gala; I’m here to help! (This is also great for vacations!) We’ll discuss a budget, your expectations and I will do the shopping! {Starting at $75}

E  –  S  T  Y  L  I  N  G

This service is perfect for styling advice, top tips for seasonal shopping, special events and ideas on re-vamping your wardrobe. After a complimentary consolation, you will receive shopping recommendations based on your needs and budget, including weblinks to purchase, and style boards showing you how to style the suggested pieces to make a well rounded wardrobe. {Starting at $175}

 P  O  R  T  R  A  I  T   S  T  Y  L  I  N  G

You’ve just booked a session with an amazing photographer, you’re so excited for your photos, and then you realize you have no idea what to wear. There are so many variables to consider. Do your outfits coordinate? Are you matching too much? Does your look match the venue? It’s all very overwhelming and can quickly turn your excitement into worry. That’s where I come in. As a Personal Stylist, one of my favorite specialties is Portrait Styling. These photos will last a lifetime and you deserve to look your best! After scheduling, we’ll have a quick virtual consultation, I will send you a personalized mood board including pieces you already own or  links to purchase specific pieces for your photos! (Starting at $60 for 4 people, Individual pricing also available)


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