Fitness Goals with Athleta

Athleta, Fitness, Workout Style

If you read my post where I shared my goals for 2018, you know that my one of my BIG goals for was starting (again) and sticking to BBG. Keeping to my ‘word’ of Fulfillment, Im happy to report that I am 7 weeks in and still at it! Every week me and one of my besties, Lauren, are working through our 12 week training and keeping each other accountable. Honestly, most days I don’t feel like working out (I’m not one of those people that love it), but I also know I have a friend waiting for my text once it has been completed. Accountability is huge for me to meet this goal… also huge (and this is so silly, but so true) workout clothes. Ugh, Im almost embarrassed to type that, but it’s such a big motivator for me! Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the Stylist in me. I get excited about new clothes and can’t wait to wear them. It truly gives my workout a boost!

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